“It is a company where you get a chance to work with people from different backgrounds. Company has offered me different challenging roles in the past, allowed me to step up and learn new skills and improved professionally as a colleague and as a Team Lead.”

SLR Consultants


SLR Consultants, as a group of companies, is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that our strength is even greater and our work environment is much richer with a diverse workforce. This equality is ingrained in all of our senior management leadership, starting with our Founder and Managing Director, Salim Raza.

Team Work

We live and succeed as a team at SLR Consultants. This teamwork is evident through all levels from our customer facing project teams, our “back office” support functions through to our management teams. Employees enjoy the fact they when they need help there is always someone in the team willing to help, whether it’s to provide some advice, or roll their sleeves up and help get a task done. Employees get to feel that they are a valued contributor to the overall goal of the team, whether a client assignment, or an internal project.


At SLR Consultants, you get to work in some of the leading innovative technology areas such as Internet of Things, Cloud Solutions, Mobile & 5G, and many other advanced technology deployments. You will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to keep your skills updated working with the latest in technology developments. You are able to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons here at SLR Consultants.

Customer Excellence

Our consultants get to work on exciting projects with leading global companies, many of whom are known as innovators in their own respective markets. Our customers appreciate the way SLR Consultants engages with them, always seeking to deliver greater value, helping them to accelerate their business. This focus on customer excellence not only leads to greater growth for our business, but provides our consultants with greater satisfaction – the fact that they have been part of a team that delivered tangible success for the customer is very rewarding.

Growth & Development

Given the diverse ranges of technologies and services offered across the SLR Consultants group of companies, there is considerable opportunity for employees to move around and learn new skills. You will be working with and learning from some of the best in their respective fields. This augments formal training and accelerates your personal growth. You will get mentoring support to help you with your personal development, and in turn you will be asked to mentor staff more junior to you to help them with their development. We believe that our companies’ growth can only accelerate if we all grow with the business.

“At SLR Consultants I enjoy the people I work beside, they are my family and friendly. There is a good working environment. I am learning all the time from the best people. I am allowed to grow and show my potential. I am able to use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of myself.”

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