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The Internet of Things (IoT) / Narrowband

Proclaimed as the next technology revolution, the emergent ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT) comprises a multiplicity of applications across many different industries, with devices that can drive very diverse computing and connectivity requirements.

At SLR CONSULTANTS we are seeing the rise of smart, connected devices that will enable new services and efficiencies across global economies.

One core focus is on the demand for Narrowband IoT. These are smart technologies that reduce the power consumption of IoT devices, so that not only can significantly more IoT devices remain perpetually connected, they can also be utilised more effectively and retain capacity for the development of additional capabilities.

IoT has the potential to transform businesses, change the way people live and fuel innovations for years to come. Over the next decade, it is predicted that there will be 10’s of billions of connected devices deployed globally, growing at unprecedented speed to generate multi-trillion dollars of economic value across many key markets.

While the opportunity for tech-vendors is widely agreed to be huge (The IoE market is expected grow $23.97 trillion by 2020), by the very nature of an emergent technology, it is difficult to predict, evaluate or prioritise what can solutions be commercialised effectively.

SLR CONSULTANTS IoT practice helps businesses to transform and reimagine commerce in a hyper-connected future through:

Accelerated proof-of-concepts through cutting-edge IoT analysis

Reducing maintenance costs during the product lifecycle

Maintaining the highest levels of product quality

Ensuring that your devices and apps stand up to real world situations

Reduced time to market

Improve customer solution delivery

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