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IoT - Testing

The Internet of Things demands a new set of rules and standards, as testing connectivity has evolved in new ways: new devices, power sources, touch technology, system interruptions, bandwidth and dropped connections.

In addition, IoT is about reporting data in real time, allowing users to make quicker, more informed decisions, so here at SLR CONSULTANTS we have created an ‘IoT Eco-System’ – a testing environment that can be configured to simulate and test a multitude of interactions across numerous devices.

For many vendors, internal testing at this level can be a significant undertaking and with end users becoming increasingly accustomed to using connected devices and the Internet of Things, they expect new technology and apps to work flawlessly from day one.

So we provide our customers with a robust testing framework and methodology, enabling rigorous IoT solution testing and analysis.

Functional Testing

Test Automation

Usability (UX)

Localisation Testing

Performance & Load Testing

Security Testing

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