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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) plays an essential role in delivering an outstanding solution to your customers. The challenge with software development is that due to its inherent complexities, the potential for human error and performance issues is significant. So it is essential to continually monitor the level of quality throughout the build process.

However, there is a growing trend where technology solutions and systems are being delivered by vendors without the full implementation of a wide-ranging testing program.

In some cases, software releases are being accepted by customers, who then rely on business users themselves to validate the changes. We believe this is a high-risk approach in a well-connected and commoditised marketplace. Releasing products without the necessary QA procedures in place could have catastrophic consequences for your project, business and customer loyalty.

Our QA team will partner with you to develop an appropriate testing strategy and a robust plan to ensure that these risks are mitigated. But we go beyond testing, and will proactively work with your development teams, helping to educate them so that together we improve the core quality of the solution at source.

Ensures governance and stringent
processes are in

Offers assurance in the quality of your product

Protects your brand reputation

Reduces maintenance costs during the product lifecycle

Accelerates project delivery times

Ensures each deliverable meets requirements and specifications at every stage

We will begin the process by developing a comprehensive QA Strategy and Test Plan, which will detail the recommended methodologies and tools, the planned duration of each phase, the features to be tested, plus the size of the team assigned to your project.

Importantly, because of our unique QA Methodologies, we won’t push back your release date and crucially, your customers will appreciate a bug-free experience.

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