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Our Quality Assurance and Test Practice is staffed with vast experience and understanding of all things related to testing, from knowledge of best-in- class test strategies to testing tools and solutions, to how to best engage with development teams to improve the quality at source. Our ongoing investment in unique frameworks and assets help to ensure that you can save time and money, whilst significantly improving end-user satisfaction.

We deliver a range of services related to testing:

Test Engineering and Assurance

Our experienced consultants can take on any range of testing, from functional to integration to performance and security. Since they are fully conversant with testing across a range of technologies you can be assured of higher quality whilst reducing the total elapsed time of your projects, thus enabling you to get to market faster.

Tools and Solutions Implementation

Test automation solutions and quality assurance tools are becoming more popular as a means of improving quality and significantly reducing test performance time and effort. We can select and implement the right tools and solutions for your needs. This help you to ensure that you optimize your return from the investment in these solutions.

Test Laboratory Management

In situations where you need to test new equipment and systems in controlled laboratory environments, we can set-up and manage all of the infrastructure and environment, whether this is to enable your staff, or to provide a managed service. We will get your test lab running more quickly, delivering the timely high quality testing and assurance you require.

Test Automation

We have invested in a wealth of test automation frameworks and tools so that we can run a highly automated test engineering service for you. We can quickly develop and implement test scripts, and ensure appropriate testing is performed in a timely manner, and repeated as required to achieve the desired quality. This means we can shorten development lifecycles, pinpoint root causes more quickly and bring high levels of consistency.

Offers assurance and confidence in the quality of your

Ensures your customers have an exceptional user experience

Validates your investment criteria prior to go-live

Ensures the highest level of functionality that can deliver as expected

Reduces maintenance and bug-fix costs across the longer term

Accelerates project delivery and time to revenue

We have extensive global expertise across many vertical sectors, including mobile, telecoms, utilities and retail, and can adapt to almost any technology environment.

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