SLR iTOM - IoT Order Management

For large or global IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) providers, iTOM enables KPI driven process monitoring and management of the entire enablement process. From detailed order capture, through to activation and updating of billing systems.

We’ve based iTOM on a highly flexible Intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS), allowing business rules to be rapidly defined and quickly changed. With simple creation of screens / portals, flexible routing of workflow and high levels of integration possibilities, you will be able to monitor the performance of every part of order management process via self-service analytics, dashboards and reporting.

Incorporating real-time escalation management should any function within the process not perform to predefined targets of SLA’s, iTOM permits new IoT products and services to be quickly defined through configuration whilst enabling dynamic process orchestration, based on a product Catalogue and order data information business rules driven framework.

iTOM can be integrated into your own BSS / OSS systems and your partners’ systems. This gives you complete visibility across the entire process, so you can identify and eliminate delays and bottlenecks, identify common error hotspots and eliminate them, and reduce manual effort such as the rekeying of core business data. This accelerates the entire process whilst reducing the administrative burden on human resources.

Requiring less technical maintenance and resources, your business analyst can configure self-service analytics, so iTOM is easy to adapt for new offerings, markets, channels or new suppliers and partners.

Increase Revenue

  • Scale the IoT / M2M business without additional resources. Handle more orders, more line items, more connections, more customers with existing resources.
  • Introduce new offers, products and services faster
  • Expand to new markets and channels faster

Reduce Operational Expenditure

  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce re-work (improve Right first time)
  • Automate tasks – reduce manual effort
  • Simplify user tasks – reduce manual effort
  • Eliminate bottlenecks – less time finding and chasing status

Improve Cash-flow

  • Faster deliver – reduce time to activation and billing by >60%. So can start billing customer earlier
  • Data validation – ensuring right devices, right services, right solutions, right billing – so less invoice queries and payment delays

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Faster delivery – meet their needs faster
  • More on-time delivery (improve by >40%)
  • Improve quality. Increase Right First Time (RFT) by >70%
  • Increase CSAT and NPS scores

Additional Benefits

  • IoT specific application for E2E order management
  • Catalogue and business rules driven framework
  • Self-service analytics / dashboards / reporting
  • IoT process domain expertise
  • Low-code configuration driving greater business agility
  • KPI driven process monitoring
  • App studio modelling vs. Old Technology BSS
  • Easier to adapt for new offerings, new markets, new channels and new suppliers/ partners
  • Less IT resources – business analyst skill level can configure, self-service analytics
  • Flexible licensing and commercial model
  • Roadmap at the forefront of IoT
  • Business process optimisation expertise
  • UI/UX expertise
  • Agile delivery model

Reduce your technology delivery cycles and get to market faster with higher quality with our leading edge services, solutions and expertise.

Business process optimisation and IoT domain expertise that allows you to map, implement and manage your entire environment.

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