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Internet of Things (IoT) and the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology underpinning it, are bringing “digital insight” to virtually every industry. Imagine utilities and telco’s that can predict and prevent service outages, airlines that can remotely monitor and optimise aircraft performance, or healthcare services that can provide treatment analysis in real-time. The business possibilities are endless.  

But the ability to connect the multitude of devices, networks, databases and service suppliers is critical to making the concept into an everyday reality. Most legacy systems are simply not geared to handle this type of complexity, with interdependencies across a large supplier ecosystem, meaning you have to rely on an unsustainably high level of manual processes.

Gartner recently highlighted that the ability to deliver as being one of the biggest issues for most service providers in their recent M2M magic quadrant.

So here at SLR iTOM, our Business process optimisation and IoT domain experts have created iTOM. An IoT specific solution for E2E order management that unifies the coordination of these interdependent elements, allowing you to map, implement and manage your entire customer on-boarding and activation process.

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