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Radio access network (RAN) & 5G

Technology evolution is accelerating and trying to do this with existing legacy tools can result in poor process management, lack of project control, inadequate coordination drawn-out timescales and ultimately, inherent error creep.

To tackle the increasing pace of technological change, SLR NET-TECH has developed a best-practice framework, P³MO, that eliminates the headaches involved with RAN management. We can break down the barriers of having to manage multiple sub-contractors, many disparate tools and systems, fragmented data and numerous manual paperwork processes.

The greater efficiency our P³MO framework brings allows you to significantly improve your time to market. We accelerate the speed of your network roll-out, reduce operational expenditure of RANs and improve reliability through higher quality, more connected services.

Not only do we improve the scheduling of RAN related works, we are also able to join up and analyse all the data to provide you with real insight into the effectiveness of your operations. This insight enables you to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce paperwork and improve coordination and communication.

This improved insight can drive the management and productivity of all contractors and sub-contractors. Our experienced PMO staff enable you to optimise and select the right sub-contractors for the right jobs, further driving productivity and efficiencies.

Eliminate the difficulty of planning, installing and maintaining your Radio Access Network (RAN) assets.

Synchronise software, hardware and workforce and take control of the entire RAN lifecycle, from initial planning, land acquisition, site access, construction, installation, to testing, commissioning, ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

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