SLR Net-Tech

Benefit Matrix


  • Market Health check – RAG Indicator map
  • Channel Health check – RAG Indicator map
  • Test Case Health check – Bar Chart
  • KPI Chart – Line Chart


  • Experience easy-to-use, but powerful, analysis of simulated customer interaction.
  • Display summary or detailed results using drill down capabilities.
  • Generate, export and download reports.
  • Analyse network history in real-time to determine service status.


  • Search for specific interaction data.
  • Examine individual or multiple M-Pesa regions.


  • Individually configure KPI’s that are able to trigger alerts to external systems.
  • Configure thresholds by individual KPIs. 


  • Proactively alert teams of potential service or customer issues.
  • Create system level warnings when communication as failed data has not transferred to the cloud.


  • Allows for users to only view individual or multiple areas of the portal.
  • Restrict data visibility with powerful user privilege class rules.
  • Enable admin and support users to configure low-level system configurations, and create and provision new users.
  • Adds additional layers of security and prevent robots from access the site via ‘Capture Code’.

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