ST - E2E Monitoring Solutions

Our innovative ST E2E service monitoring solutions are designed for service providers that need actionable insight that can drive improvements in service performance and customer experience, providing end-to-end performance monitoring and reporting capability for market operators.

Deployed as a field-hardware and cloud-software combination, the E2E hardware component is installed within the local territory, with a Cloud application providing near live updates.

Accessed via our Service Monitoring Portal, users have both an easy to understand, non-technical, graphical reporting view, as well as the ability to export data as .csv or .xls., all of which ensure Operational Level Agreement compliance, as customer experience and service robustness can be monitored and analysed in detail, in near real-time.

The solution can be re-skinned and branded accordingly, with a comprehensive ‘Help Section’, the Service Monitoring Portal provides drill down detail for Region, Integrated Market, Mobile Channel, Test Scenario and Test Scenario KPI.

Innovative technologies that enable service providers to expand service provision, create unique offerings and improve the customer experience.

Strategic and tactical solutions that facilitate and accelerate business transformation and growth.

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