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SLR Unicom


At SLR UNICOM we specialise in Unified Communications (UC) – from market strategy to process best practice to selecting and managing the solutions and technologies.

It’s clear that the way we work is changing around us. The continuing shift towards collaborative, flexible and anytime-anywhere working, that enables users with real-time presence, instant messaging, enterprise voice, mobility and cloud migration is now becoming the desired model, but for many organisations choosing the best, most future-proof route to achieving this is not always clear.

Service Providers

Entering the Unified Communications & Collaboration market can be daunting. The promise of the market is too great to ignore, but the market is highly competitive and it’s a big investment! SLR UNICOM is here to help. We have proven ability to help you get a competitive offer into the market: we can support every step of the journey from initial concept and business case right through to technical deployment and go live. We can make you more competitive in the market: we can make you operationally more efficient: we can help you deliver the service to customers. For more detail see the section “UC for Providers”.


Making the right choices in a market with so much choice and such complex technology can be difficult. The temptation is to make short term changes where things are clearer rather than making strategic long term decisions. The promise of improved operational efficiency, reduced cost and greater flexibility seems hard to achieve and even harder to prove. Here at SLR, we can help you make longer term strategic decisions to ensure your business can successfully deploy and use Unified Communications service effectively. We are completely independent of technology providers, so you can be sure that we always have your interests at the forefront of our work. For more detail see the section “UC for Enterprise”.

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