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Unified Communications - Carriers / Service Providers

SLR UNICOM provides a range of consultancy and managed services to enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to accelerate the success of their UC business.

In our ever changing world, communications, perhaps more than any other area, has evolved exponentially over the last few decades. CSPs have long since become central players in the business technology ecosystem, connecting people, devices and data in a way we could only have dreamt of a few years ago.

With that central position comes a need for CSPs to migrate their enterprise and business customers away from legacy PABX and fixed voice services, to newer UC technology, allowing them to deliver a better, more current solution to their customers’ needs.

But UC is unlike the traditional communications products that the CSPs are familiar with. More akin to selling cloud software applications, we have seen how some have struggled to transition their business strategy to successfully and profitably scope, deliver and maintain UC implementations.

We help CSPs to take-on and tackle the expanding market for UC. We work with you to better target and craft your UC propositions for your target markets and to develop a differentiated customer experience – one that meets the needs of today’s demanding ‘always – on’ customers, customers who have become accustomed to a different level of service from cloud and digital service providers.

Accelerated UC success

  • Expert outcomes – Outcomes always meet the brief; this is underpinned through use of our clear methodologies and frameworks to support the information capture and analysis
  • Cost control – Our costs / prices are clear and transparent
  • Accountability – We provide a post implementation review to ensure the outcomes are on track 

Our Approach - AccelerateUC

AccelerateUC for Service Providers is our unique 4 stage methodology designed to enable CSPs to improve end-to-end product lifecycle for UC offerings. It is designed to get to the bottom of your challenges, understand specific market conditions and drive successful targets UC offers.

Portfolio Audit

Identify competitive position of existing portfolio, gain insight into key problem areas and highlighting limitations within the business to achieving UC objectives.

Market Analysis

Investigate market and assess UC opportunity to define product portfolio strategy to achieve objectives, resulting in a documented strategy, roadmap and revenue forecast.

Product Delivery

Define detailed requirements for delivery and re-launch, with definition of how to manage delivery and enable channels, resulting in a full set of product and project artefacts.

Benefits Review

Assess performance to plan and identify remedial actions to ensure that UC offers hit their target markets driving customer acquisition and conversion.

In addition to the above high value, high impact consultancy SLR UNICOM offers a set of managed services and resources to support the design and delivery of UC offering, covering processes across both the New Product Development (NPD) and Business as Usual (BAU) operations.

These services include:

  • Build and implement the UC stack
  • Support Service Design
  • Managed Test Service to address all stages of testing, from functional, to performance, to security and penetration, to integration and User Acceptance Testing.

Unique Process Framework (AccelerateUC)

  • Ensures alignment between corporate values, objectives and delivered product

Business Outcome driven approach

  • Outcomes for the client are our top priority. We offer clear and transparent pricing, and where possible fixed pricing.
  • We are willing to come with an offer that demonstrates a shared outcome

Cost Effective

  • Managed / Outsourced Services / Resource Augmentation
  • Optimum balance of on-shore / off-shore resources
  • Leverage automation techniques where possible to reduce manual effort
  • Competitive rate cards

Accelerate ROI from UC Investment:

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Faster UC Market Share Growth / Market traction
  • Revenue growth (New Customers x Increased ARPU)
  • Greater operational efficiency (wrt UC operations)

Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention:

  • Improved customer experience -> improved customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS)
  • Migration of customer from expensive, and inflexible legacy voice, messaging, PABX platforms to more flexible modern solutions that offer them improved operational performance, lower cost of ownership and greater agility

The fastest path to Unified Communications business success.

Design the right offering, target the right market segments, ensure great customer experience, and deliver a higher margin contribution from the UC product line.

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